soft spot art collective


"Where to begin?"

SOFT SPOT will host a discussion on Saturday October 19th at 2pm-4pm. Our first Humidity Talk, named after our very necessary dehumidifier inherited from our predecessors at Bunker, will focus on a reflection of our first show PILOT and the future of SOFT SPOT as a space and as a collective. The talk will be a chance to discuss the artworks on show and for the public to ask us questions.

For PILOT we invited a group of artists to contribute and collaborate with us for an installation which considers the embryonic stages of ideas: the still-forming, the malformed, and the often discarded and unseen workings behind an artwork. The show aims to encourage and facilitate the sharing of ideas to help us shape our development as a newly formed collective.

The event will also be a chance for the public to view our multi-channel sound installation in full working order, meet some of the exhibiting artists and get to know the SOFT SPOT team.

Tea and biscuits provided, radiators turned ON!